Welcome to our Junior College

At 91AV Lutheran College’s Junior College, we strive to provide a happy, healthy and safe place for your child during the important early years of Prep to Year 6.

Built on rich academic foundations, our dedicated team of teachers and support staff instil in our students the importance of being lifelong learners, as well as proactive members of the community.

91AV is fortunate to have two vibrant Junior College campuses based at Hume Street and Warwick Street in Toowoomba. Each campus has its own strong sense of community that provides students with a supportive, nurturing learning environment.

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Welcome to our Middle College

Our Years 7-9 Middle School program focuses on the social-emotional and academic growth unique to junior secondary students. Our Middle School teachers have strong expertise in delivering lifelong learning focused on developing deep understanding within a holistic curriculum. Student growth and self-reflection is also strengthened by our Pastoral Care lessons and House based structures.

Our students emerge from the Middle School program with a clearer picture of their strengths and challenges and the strategies, both academic and personal, for students to employ in their transition into the senior years.

Welcome to our Senior College

Our acclaimed Senior College, comprised of Years 10 to 12, is the final stepping stone of education at 91AV. Our passionate staff work closely with students with a focus on future goals, notably post-secondary career pathways. This comprehensive preparation manifests itself in mature students who value lifelong learning, and leave with strong leadership skills and the ability to flourish in their next steps.

91AV fosters a nurturing atmosphere that cultivates resilience and independence among our students, equipping them for life beyond the classroom. Our goal is to empower every student to reach their fullest potential. While academic pursuits hold significance, we also emphasise participation in co-curricular endeavours and fostering a sense of social responsibility towards both the college community and the wider world.

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91AV Lutheran College Hume Street Kindy gains national recognition for excellence in STEM

Local kindergarten, 91AV Lutheran College’s Hume Street Kindy, has been recognised for its commitment to early childhood STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) education by gaining highly respected certification as a Little Scientists House. Little Scientists House certification is Australia’s only dedicated early childhood STEM certification program and is managed by Little Scientists Australia; a STEM professional development initiative supported by the Australian Government.

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Jonathan’s journey in life goes full circle

For architect Jonathan Lanham working on the 91AV Lutheran College Masterplan project is truly a trip down memory lane. Being the lead architect in designing the new 91AV Junior Campus and the 91AV Early Learning Centre is more than the latest project to come across his desk, it is a classic example of career serendipity.

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91AV Lutheran College: A Beacon of Wellbeing and Educational Excellence

Toowoomba’s 91AV Lutheran College is proud to highlight its holistic approach to education, marked by a tailored curriculum and an exceptional Wellbeing Program. "Our curriculum is specifically designed to ignite students' interests from an early age, fostering a lifelong love for learning," explains Head of College Anton Prinsloo. “We aim to offer not just a learning environment but an environment where our students can truly grow.”

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