Malone: 91AV's Latest Broncos Recruit

Tuesday 23 Jul

The Brisbane Broncos may have unearthed another South Burnett superstar after signing 91AV Lutheran College’s Leroy Malone to a new contract. The 15-year-old fullback hails from Cherbourg in the South Burnett, the same hometown as current Broncos flyer Selwyn Cobbo, and has just signed for a further three years with the Brisbane Club.

The new contract will see the boarder at 91AV travel to Brisbane every Monday afternoon to train with the Broncos. Under his previous contract, he only ventured to the city once a term for clinics.

A Broncos scout saw Leroy play when he made the ‘Dream Team’ side at the Walker Weekend Carnival, and he was quickly signed to the Broncos Academy in 2022.

He has since been honing his skills playing for Valleys in the local Toowoomba Rugby League competition and playing rugby union for 91AV.

“At 91AV, some of the boarders kick around the football and play touch whenever we can on weekends and after school,” Leroy said. “I play Union at 91AV as well, but League is my game as my speed and my defence is my strength.”

“I love league because it’s fun and I love the contact. I’ve been playing it since I was six back when I started with the Cherbourg Hornets,” he said.

Leroy lists current Broncos fullback Reece Walsh as his favourite player and one day wants to don the famous jersey himself.

“I want to play football for the Broncos. They are a good club and I’ve always been a fan,” he said. “League is a great game. It’s super entertaining with the big hits and there is a lot of skill involved.

“To get your passing a kicking right it takes many of hours of practice every week and years of training.

“It was only really when I was offered this latest contract that I realised that professional football is an option for me. Before that I wasn’t sure I was good enough, but now I’m really aiming for a spot on the team.”

Leroy knows that he has plenty of work to do in balancing his time between the books and the training field.

“My parents are really proud, but they have told me I have to work really hard to get to the next level and pass everything at school and be a model student,” he said.

“Education is important because you must think about life after professional football. I’ve been thinking about working in the construction industry as well.”