Why you should attend your 50 year reunion

Tuesday 23 Jul

Class of 1972 Old Scholar Julie Gould shares with us her reflection on why everyone should attend their 50 year reunion.

Why go to your 50th Reunion?

After attending the 1968-1972 reunion this year, I can now answer that question!

You should go to your 50th reunion for the simple fact and joy that you're still alive.

It's an honor and a privilege to be able to attend. Eight of our classmates have passed away and our memorial table honoured those no longer with us.

What a wonderful time our classmates had reconnecting, sharing stories, finding out where our lives have lead us.

Success, failure, joy, and tragedy had struck us all in various ways.

We’re all in the same boat, paddling along as best we can.

Once I got past the changed faces and physiques, and started remembering people by their voices, I felt like we’d never missed a beat. I was gobsmacked with the sense of camaraderie amongst my classmates.

A warm welcome back to the College from Pastor Thomas and College tours by the 2022 and 2023 Head Prefects were appreciated.

Then came the singing of our College song! Oh my, how my heart skipped a beat when they realised they had remembered the song and exultantly shouted the words: The one and only brown and gold…CONCORDIA! CONCORDIA! CONCORDIA!

As Sharny Russell was a classmate, it was important for everyone to hear that she was the arranger and composer of the new College song ‘With One Heart’. What a joy to allow time for Sharny to present this song.

Who would have thought that an old school bag, tie and straw hat would conjure up warm thoughts of past years?

The girls prefects uniform introduced in 1972 was unveiled and we wondered why and how we could have worn it! One person even had his laundry bag with his name on it from 50 years ago!

Then came the reminiscing of many stories told about the old times. Stories about students, teachers and principals! Much laughter and gasps rang through the Bunya Room.

Throughout the day it struck me that it matters little how long you live, how big your house or fancy your car, how much you accumulate in the bank or how impressive the awards are on your wall, if you miss out on the greatest adventure of all. In the words of our motto:

Nisi Dominus Frustra: Without the Lord, all is in vain.

Cheers to 50 years!

Julie Gould